Insidious Chapter 3 : Stefanie Scott Interview


“Insidious Chapter 3,” the newest movie from the hit horror film series, is bound to become a summer box office hit. With a zealous fan following and scares that don’t seem to waiver the saga continues, Stefanie Scott, the star of the third installment, answered a few burning questions surrounding the film.

Better known for her child-like comedic role on Disney Channel’s Sitcom , “A.N.T Farm.” Scott plays a vastly different character in her first horror film. Critics and fans alike question how smooth of a transition it really was, but the actress insists that she “didn’t find much difficulty” in the transition process. “Overall as long as you’re present and in the moment and living there, that’s all where you need to be. You also need to try to express yourself as authentic as possible, like my character Quinn. That was the main focus for me, not trying to act it out to be scared, but kind of express it naturally and to experience it.” Because the film is so heavily rooted in the supernatural, Scott was questioned of her own beliefs on afterlife: “I kind of do (believe), I find so much interest in the afterlife. I think what’s so interesting about it is that none of us know and we will never know and that’s the cool mystery about it. I do love doing research on it.”

For some “Insidious” fans the past two films have provided a twisty and at times confusing plot, but according to Scott, “It [the film] starts with Quinn Bryner whose mom just died and she’s lost in this big world. She calls out trying to make contact with her mother and she gets in an accident which brings back a violent entity with her.” Music also played a big role in helping her get into character. When posed with the question of how music impacted the preparation of her character Quinn, Scott described how the director went as far as “locking me in a dark room while forcing me to listen to death metal!”

When asked about additional preparation she responded with, “The director went out and had me see a psychic which is what my character does in the movie. She predicted my future and people I’d meet; and so far everything she said will happen has come true.”

Many were skeptical as to how well Scott could execute scenes of her possession, she stated that “ It was mostly intense and we tried to stay like that for a long time; because it’s really hard if you start laughing, because you want to keep laughing the whole time, so you kind of just have to be serious with it. It was a really dark day for the possession scene.” Scott also surprisingly performed her own stunts: “It was crazy being in all of the harnesses and yanked across the room from a crane doing stuff like that was really fun.”

Many fans and critics wonder if this prequel will topple or rise to success this summer. When questioned about the pressures of having the lead role in the third installment of a well known series, Scott explained, “I believe this is the most terrifying out of all three of them. It’s definitely fresh. It’s the origin story, so it tells it from the beginning and sets up the other two movies.” And as to what she believes sets this film a part from the rest, “It’s definitely the darkest out of all of them. It’s different because it’s very real and grounded prior to all of the hauntings and possessions.” Scott also described a scary movie fan’s dream while working on set, “It was overall a creepy feeling on set because it was kept very cold, dark and foggy.”

“Insidious Chapter 3” is in theaters June 5 and is most definitely going to be a prequel to remember.

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