Today’s Teenage Concert Culture

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SamBerman- Senior Editor

Concerts have always been a fun pastime for people of all ages. They allow the listener to experience an artist’s energy and enthusiasm, something they wouldn’t be able to hear prerecorded. Personally, if I am going to a concert, it is going to be of an artist that I listen to often and actually enjoy listening to. However, for many teenagers nowadays, this is not their reality. In teenage culture, concerts have turned into more of a forty dollar lawn party than a place for people to see their favorite musical artists live.

For whatever reason it may be, teenagers almost always seem to have ulterior motives for attending concerts. Going to a performance has become more of a social event, and often times attendees don’t really know much about the performer they are paying to see. This can be annoying to the true fans of the artist. Being surrounded by people who are only there to be with friends and do who knows what else is distracting to someone trying to enjoy the music. While concerts are expected to be a social event, the main focus should stay on the music itself, which is usually overlooked by bandwagon fans. However, these people did pay to attend the concert, and have the freedom to do what they want there.

While it’s frustrating to true fans, people who don’t really know the music as well have a right to be there. These audience members bought their tickets to see the show and are allowed to behave however they’d like when they’re there. While this is true, these fans should remain respectful to those simply trying to enjoy the show. Both types of audience members have an equal right to be there, but they should understand their place.

Concerts can become harmonious once again as soon as attendees learn their place. As long as those there for reasons other than just watching the show keep their business away from those trying to enjoy the show, everyone can be happy and enjoy their experience.

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