Is Trump A Joke?

Nabeel Khan Sports Editor

In the wake of the upcoming political election, there is a new face that has drawn more attention than the American public could have imagined. Indeed, many voters believe that beneath this candidate’s bird’s nest of a hairdo lies a mind worthy of leading the United States to glory and financial resurgence. Financial mogul Donald Trump currently sits atop the GOP polls, and it leads many of us to question whether the man himself even believed he would make it this far.

When his campaign was announced back in June, the majority of media outlets delivered a  common message: Donald Trump isn’t a serious contender. The notion was that Trump had announced his campaign merely as a method to increase revenue in his book sales and business enterprises and that he never truly intended to sit in the Oval Office. When the debates rolled around, Trump dodged questions and proposed his own radical ideas in rallies such as erecting a wall between the United States and Mexico entirely at the cost of the Mexican government. With such absurd claims, many voters, as well as Chattahoochee students with an interest in politics, have questioned why the public has stood behind this man.

It turns out, however, that his absurdity is exactly what draws students and voters to Donald Trump. The businessman represents a departure from the typical debater who relies on esoteric policy jargon and makes the Presidential race more accessible to the common viewer. During the debate, Trump repeatedly assailed his opponents with ad hominem attacks and logical fallacies that left every question asked of him unanswered. Many students have enjoyed this reckless style of debate and feel as though Donald Trump will be able to carry his hard-nosed, no nonsense style of conversation into his economic and foreign policies.

It may be too soon to find out whether Donald Trump considers himself a serious candidate or whether he is botching the GOP primaries just to bring attention to himself. One thing’s for certain, though: Donald Trump has caught the eye of the American public.


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