How to Have the Best Four Years – Advice From Seniors to Underclassmen


One’s high school career is possibly the keystone for a successful future. For underclassmen this year, it is essential to do all that is possible to ensure a successful one, but it is even more important to keep the year interesting. Some of the most qualified seniors shared their opinions and advice on how to succeed in high school and have fun on the journey.

Cole Johnson (SR) – “If I could say one thing to my freshman self, I’d tell him to take mandatory classes as soon as possible so I have less to cram into my senior year. Being able to have a few more hours a day to work and get some money would do anyone good. I’d advise the underclassmen this year to set goals and try their best to meet them. That way, you can be more prepared senior year and have more time to work on those college applications.”

Anna Colwell (SR) – “Honestly, the most important thing I would say is to relax. With all the work, especially from those unexpectedly difficult AP’s and late nights after games, it’s rather simple to get flustered by the work you know is going to keep you up all night.  But, there is no point to get so worked up. Stress is bad for you. I advise underclassmen to relax every now and then. Trust me, you will make it through.”

Danielle St. Amand (SR) –  “What I’d tell underclassmen is to manage your time wisely and to make all four years count. Freshman grades matter. My worst grades were in my freshman year and they still haunt me today. The transition from 8th to 9th grade is surprising. Therefore, it may be hard, but just have fun and stay focused. Also, join as many clubs as you can, and get involved in sports. These will serve you well along your journey.”

Sachit Anandan (SR) –  “As an underclassman, take advantage and join a bunch of clubs. I didn’t, now I don’t have time to try anything new. It’s important to try out any club you’re interested in, so you can know what you’re going to do for the rest of your high school career. So if a club especially intrigues you, stick with it all four years. You could even work your way up to be a president. (Which looks really good on college applications by the way). One of the most important things is: don’t procrastinate. If you did pretty well your freshman year, don’t slack off the next three years. They all count, so treat them wisely.”


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