Homecoming: A Lost Tradition

Homecoming is a dance that defines high school. Everyone gets dressed up to go have the night of their life in a musty school gym filled with streamers and student-made paper decorations. The dance is all about realizing that we only have a few years in high school, and living them out while we can. Dancing in a school gym might not be at the top of everyone’s bucket list, but it’s a necessary portion of our lives. Will you remember a night where you went out with your friends to do some sort of habitual Friday night shenanigans? For me, the answer is no. I will remember those four homecoming-nights where I lived out high school to the fullest.

This year at Chattahoochee, fewer than 100 homecoming tickets were sold. I think that our generation has this predetermined mentality that going to school dances isn’t cool or the move, and this was confirmed with the attendance record of the 2015 dance. The initial reaction to this would be, “School spirit just isn’t what it used to be,” but there was a massive attendance for the annual homecoming football game, so this isn’t the case. It’s the mindset of what is cool.

Despite the attendance, this year’s homecoming was the best I’ve been to. Contrary to my previous statements, the dance was held in our very own cafeteria-elegant I know-but it made the dance that much more memorable. Everyone was crammed together while the DJ played song after song that kept the crowd engaged and excited to dance. The lights were almost completely off, and with the combination of the white fluorescents being off and the DJ’s minimal lasers, it was the perfect homecoming. A dance prepared by high schoolers, enjoyed by high schoolers, and a night we will remember forever: it was perfect.

As a senior, I would humbly say that I have a decent perspective on high school as a whole, and skipping homecoming because it isn’t cool, will not be cool when looking back at your years as an naive adolescent just trying to fit in.   


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