Chattahoochee Students Rushing Towards their Future

NabeelKhan Sports Editor

College decisions represent the culmination of many students’ high school achievements. We should not always judge a book by its cover or use labels to define people, but knowing what college a person goes to often defines your image of that person. In the coming weeks, many Chattahoochee students will find out about their home for the next few years as UGA early application decisions are released. To some students, this is not a huge deal as the University of Georgia is not their first choice, but to a majority of Chattahoochee seniors, these decisions mean everything.

If you do not get in early, there is no reason to fret for too long as UGA gives applicants a second chance to submit their portfolios for admission around January. The regular decision pool is much larger, but many of the very competitive students have already been admitted, so students who were not lucky enough to receive early admission actually have a better chance in the regular pool.

Many students hope to get in early, as it helps them avoid the teacher recommendation and essay processes, but for regular admission students, these steps can be lifelines. In a wider pool where many students’ portfolios weigh about the same, regular decision hopefuls can use a teacher recommendation and a well-thought-out essay to give the college a better look at why they stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Although it is the preferred route for many students, regular decision is not for everyone. For some, such as Pavan Sastry(SR), UGA’s early action is a step towards materializing their dreams. “UGA has always been my first choice. I want nothing more than to become a UGA bulldog” stated Pavan. Applicants who get the green light early and have their heart set on Georgia are able to literally choose their new home ahead of time, as they have early access to housing choices.

As the state’s most popular school, the University of Georgia receives both a lot of love and a lot of hate, but more importantly, it receives a lot of applications. Every year, thousands of students submit their applications in hopes that they can call the University of Georgia their new home, and every year, we wish these Chattahoochee applicants good luck.

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