Injuries Damaging Lives

NabeelKhan Sports Editor

Every year, thousands of student athletes across the country attend off-season workouts to prepare their bodies for their upcoming high school sports seasons. To these students, athletics represent more than just a game; it represents brotherhood, the rewards of hard work and building character through adversity. However, to many of these students, sports mean even more.

Legions of varsity athletes dream of playing sports at the next level; many of these students actually count on their athletics to get them an education, so every time they take the field these athletes have a set goal in mind. In many cases, college hopefuls dedicate years of hard work to the singular goal of receiving a scholarship offer. Sadly enough, though, these dreams can come crashing down with an injury.

Often times, athletes see their bodies as impervious to damage. After years of relying on their physiques to bring them success, these players forget that they too are human. Surprisingly enough, the human body is quite fragile, as a simple turn can keep an athlete out for a year, and a simple fall can keep a player out for life. These occurrences can serve as reality checks for athletes, as their physical shortcomings are exposed for the first time in their careers.

The first time many students get hurt, they feel as though their careers are over; however, it is not impossible to rebound from an injury. More often than not, athletes do come back from an injury ready to begin pursuing their college aspirations again. However, these injuries can cost an athlete valuable playing time that they could use to get recruited. For example, if a student sits out six games during his senior year, the college recruiters that he is contacting have much less to judge the player on. Football player Isaac Kinsey(JR) expressed his concerns when he explained how, “last season I had surgery on my ankle, and in addition to making me miss a few games, it changed how I played. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to run as hard after I hurt myself.”

Being hurt and standing on the sidelines while your team plays can be demoralizing, but it is a process that many athletes undergo. Chattahoochee’s training staff does its best to get these athletes back into shape, and the student body does everything it can to support our players when their own bodies can’t.


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