The Final Friday Night Lights

Brandon Ware– Staff Reporter

Since they began to play the sport as early as elementary school, many senior football players have dreaded this night, while some view it as bittersweet. The sport that brought immense joy and introduced them to a brotherhood is finally coming to an end at the sound of the score board signaling its horn. The countless hours of practice and weightlifting are in the past and have led these players to where they are now. The years of preparation are over, and it is time to showcase the skills that they have acquired. The balloons are set up, the cameraman arrives and the tears begin to pour down the faces of many. It is senior night, the last time the seniors get to play under the Friday night lights.

The pregame events were changed for this special night full of different emotions, and instead of heading into the weight room before the game to get mentally prepared, the senior players were escorted down the field by their parents while listening to their achievements and accolades being read aloud. All of their friends made an appearance to show their support as the players were being recognized. Parents of the senior players cried in amazement and disbelief that they were about to witness their sons play their last game for Chattahoochee High School.

This night has been in the back of the minds of the players since they began playing a game that turned into a lifestyle.  It was difficult to accept that they were at this point in time—that the moment was finally here. After walking across the field, the players kissed and hugged their proud parents goodbye and got ready to win their final game in the Hooch uniform.

After a hard fought game with plenty of adversity, the team prevailed, winning by a convincing score of 55-21. “It was a great way to end my football career at Chattahoochee,” commented Jaylin Taylor (SR). “I feel as if our class set the tone for next year’s football team.”

When the buzzer signaled the end of the game, the captains dumped a bucket of Gatorade on Coach Strine, and the celebration began. For the first time this season, the entire student body rushed the field in high spirits and excitement giving out hugs to their adored athletes. The senior class surely left its mark by breaking Chattahoochee’s home losing streak that lasted for over a year, and this moment shared among family members and friends will be remembered for the rest of their lives.


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