Fall Sports Extravaganza


What do you think of when you hear fall? For avid sports fans, the word fall brings feelings of excitement, joy and competition. This is because during fall, almost every sports season is going on. Football and hockey begin, baseball was just finishing its exciting playoffs and basketball is getting into its full swing. To some, fall is just a period in between summer and winter, but to others, it’s the most important time of the year.

For the months of September through February, all anyone talks about is football. Wherever you go, you are bound to hear Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, Aaron Rodgers and many more in some sort of conversation. The players’ profession takes over the lives of many fans that all play fantasy football by drafting their favorite players and competing against their friends by comparing how well each player does each week. Because these leagues sometimes involve betting money, the friends sometimes get heated over winning and losing.

At the same time, NHL began its season. Hockey fans may be even more passionate than any other sports fans. Just like fantasy football, enthusiastic hockey fans play fantasy hockey. Players like Henrik Sedin and his brother Daniel Sedin are top prospects during the draft. Although professional hockey may not be extremely popular with the American people, it is followed by many Canadians and hockey fans around the world. As the season heads for the playoffs, more and more TV viewers begin to watch hockey and anticipate who will eventually win the Stanley Cup.

Last month, the Kansas City Royals defeated the New York Mets in the World Series in baseball. This year was a great season for baseball because both of these teams were well-known for being mediocre, but changed their image and ended up as the best two teams. Last year, the Royals also made it to the World Series but lost to the powerhouse San Francisco Giants. As for the Mets, this was the first time in 15 years that they made it to the World Series. Daniel Murphy put the team on his back by hitting homeruns in six straight post-season games. This alone is a record, but it is one shy of tying the all-time post-season homerun record held by Barry Bonds. He just didn’t have the ability to do it all the way through the playoffs. Baseball fans were excited for this year as they saw a new era begin.

To ease the pain of the baseball season ending, fans can now focus their attention on basketball. Our Atlanta Hawks have picked up their incredible run from last year by winning eight of the first twelve games of the season. After two weeks of play, the NBA committee released its power rankings of the top teams so far, and the Hawks ranked third, right behind the Warriors and the Cavaliers who both made it to the NBA Finals last year. Basketball fans have started to see players like Steph Curry and Lebron James continue their mastery while also seeing others like Andre Drummond and Andrew Wiggins climb their way up the MVP list. This season of NBA basketball is already exciting; just wait until April and see how it finishes as teams compete to earn the last spot in the playoffs.

This fall, sports fans are going to be impressed by the quality of play by their favorite teams. We have already seen much more excitement than last year, and we are not even halfway through. As we approach January and February, expect the competition to heat up as the players become more serious about winning their respective championships.


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