Spectre is No Better


From the action-filled scenes to the memorable antagonists, Daniel Craig (James Bond) steals the show once again. Our favorite secret agent battles a group of terrorists, “Spectre,” and finds himself in the arms of the young, beautiful actress, Lea Seydoux. The opening scene depicts Bond journeying through Mexico City on the Day of the Dead celebration. The excited crowd explodes traditional music, bright colors and romance—this opening scene is arguably one of the best in the franchise’s history. Bond undoubtedly gives his viewers the suspense and romance immediately from the start, but fails to keep up the pace during the next couple hours.

The overall setting of the film produced phenomenal scenes and contributed to the atmosphere, but again, after the opening scene, it begins to drag and fails to meet the expectations created by box office hit, “Skyfall.”

The disappointments don’t stop with the cinematography…the soundtrack has neglected to keep the momentum of previous movies. There are many speculations around Sam Smith’s song as compared to Adele in “Skyfall:” was it necessarily better? The lengthy introduction followed by the theme song failed to intensify the overall film. Unlike Smith, Adele portrayed a powerful, natural tone to the 007 theme—the praise was inevitable with “Skyfall.”

Madelein Swann, played by Seydoux, reimagines what it means to be a “Bond girl.” The daughter of Mr. White (Bond’s previous enemy), has taken an impressive role for the movie: A true “Bond girl” is portrayed as a young, naive woman that shies away from guns and hides behind Bond. This time, Seydoux is the exact opposite—an equal character; her additions to the film enhance Bond’s scenes as well.

The song may not have complemented the film, Seydoux was arguably the best Bond girl, and James Bond may not have kept the momentum of his previous, phenomenal movies. However, Craig never fails to give a spectacular show for his affectionate viewers.


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