Veteran’s Day at Chattahoochee


Veterans Day has changed in the last couple of years when it comes to Chattahoochee High School. There used to be seminars, and students would dress up to honor the past and present soldiers of our nation, but, recently, this has not been the case. Assistant Principal Berry noticed the absence and wanted to reinstate this tradition, so he recruited teachers like Mrs. Whitlock and Ms. Avari to help rally students.

Chattahoochee has started a program where students can drop off toiletry items to be given to veterans in need at the Veterans Hospital in Atlanta. They are also trying to collect letters from students which will go to soldiers and veterans all over the country. In addition to this, Ms. Avari and the Beta club have created a picture board with pictures of veterans that have links to Chattahoochee staff and students. Mr. Berry has also created a presentation that he intends to share with the students on Nov 11, and he had veterans go to different classes around the school and share their stories.

The reinstatement of this tradition is very important because students need to be aware of what is sacrificed for the freedom they have today. “I really hope this can bring some happiness to the soldiers who represent our country” stated Mrs. Whitlock.  Students should try to bring in supplies, which should be posted in some classrooms to support the troops.



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