Reaching Beyond!


This year, the Chattahoochee Orchestra no longer only plays on the cougar stages, but have leapt beyond to stages of Taylor Road and Ocee Elementary, propagating their musicality to the future generation of musicians.

The October fall concert inaugurated this zeal, where both 8th graders and high schoolers jointly played beside one another. The 8th graders were welcomed right after school and received with pizza and games and high school guides for a tour of the school. This preceded the finale of the night, where the musicians all sat together and showed off their talents, headed by the conduction of the orchestra directors, Mrs. Gomez and Mrs.Thompson.

Together, the kids from different backgrounds and cultures and schools bonded and shared a festive evening, creating new friends for a bigger orchestra family.

“It was a pleasant evening where we forgot about high school and became kids with the 8th graders” as Sarena Tseng(Jr.) recalls.

But that wasn’t all. Just two weeks ago, the Chamber orchestra had driven all the way down to Ocee Elementary to play Disney classics. Under the direction of Mrs.Gomez, the elementary kids were even invited to try out “their favorite instrument,” playing a concert for their very first time. “

‘It was truly a party bash,” as Jamini Thaker(Sr.), president of the Chamber orchestra, recalls, “a gathering where music was played, preached and practiced, from the beginners to the neophytes.”

The elementary concert lasted for two hours on Friday, October 31, where Pirates, The Incredibles, Beauty and the Beast, and other Disney favorites tuned the room.

“The elementary kids couldn’t have had a better surprise for the eve of Halloween,” remarks Ms.Pernice, principal of Ocee.

With this goal, the orchestra has been moving forward in all directions, espousing their musicality and comradeship into previously weak domains. Next semester, Mrs.Gomez plans for State Bridge Elementary. The Orchestra no longer stays inside—they’re reaching out.



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