Kanye’s Effects on Fashion

NabeelKhan Sports Editor

    It all started with the pink polos and a backpack. Ever since Kanye West’s early career, he has always distinguished himself by his unique choice of clothing. The rapper was then in the fledgling stages of what would later become an expansive clothing design collection, but he really found a footing in the fashion industry after his first deal with luxury brand Louis Vuitton. The pair worked together on an anime-inspired collection of footwear that focused both on flashiness and subtle detail. These shoes had a beautiful leather padding on the heel that gave them a regal look. One of these shoes, painted in an all-red silhouette, really caught the eye of the public, and since then an all-red colorway has been viewed as a high-end option to almost any sneaker. Kanye’s all red inspiration has caused a lot of tremor amongst sneakerheads across the globe. This colorway is eye catching and is great for accentuating any outfit with a bit of stylish flair.

    After moving on from Louis Vuitton, Kanye collaborated with another clothing mogul when he worked with Nike to design the Air Yeezy 1. This shoe, and its more recent update, the air Yeezy 2, have been groundbreaking in the world of performance fashion footwear. The shoes retailed at about $250 but often times sold on Ebay for upwards of ten thousand dollars. No one imagined that the hype could go up from there, but when the “college dropout” unexpectedly released the all-red colorway of the Nike Air Yeezy 2 and announced that he would no longer be working with Nike, the world went crazy and there were reports that people would even sell their cars for a chance to have these shoes.

    Now, it is obvious that people love the newest Kanye footwear, but his branding power is most evident in his most recent shoe. The Adidas 350 Yeezy boost, a shoe that would look average under most circumstances, has been flying off shelves and has seen similar success to the Nike Air Yeezy 2. The Adidas Yeezys look subtle, but they still have a lot of style to add to any outfit. Before this collaboration, Adidas was actually struggling to keep up with its competitors, but after being associated with Kanye West, the brand once again found themselves in the national spotlight. All of a sudden, Adidas became cool again, and their other products saw a huge increase in sales as well.

    There had always been hype surrounding the Nike Yeezys, but in recent months more and more Chattahoochee students have turned to Adidas, specifically to the Yeezy Boost 350, as the brand has become more popular. Sneakerhead Bryce Folsom [Sr] recently commented on the new trend,”I’ve been following shoes for a long time. Everybody knew about the Nike Air Yeezys but those shoes were so expensive and so rare that hardly anybody could really get their hands on them. I would’ve been afraid to wear a pair of Red Yeezy 2s to school. The Yeezy Boost 350 is a much less blatantly audacious version of Kanye’s shoes. This, along with the fact that Adidas made many more pairs of the shoes than Nike did, makes me want some of the Boosts. They could go with a lot of outfits and I could show off my shoes without looking like I’m really flexing.”

    Kanye’s lines have not all been huge successes, however. His most recent clothing collection, called Yeezy Season Fall/ Winter 2015, has actually been joked about more than it has been worn. The set takes inspiration from an extremely urban environment, almost to the point of looking ragged. The pricing points for some of these items made them seem even more absurd, as sweaters from the line went for upwards of $2000.

    Kanye may not have generated huge success in every effort he has put out, but for the most part, people have lined up, sold their possessions, and gone into a craze over the next Yeezy item. West has single handedly been able to bring Adidas back to the national spotlight and create huge hype for a brand that was once tossed aside by many. It is safe to say that Yeezy Season is upon us.


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