The Most Suitable Home at the Zoo

LavanyaChellam and JourneySherman

Of the seven billion civilized gentlemen and ladies trotting the earth, two billion allegedly spend their time participating in obscene media, showcasing their bodies—the only useful task in the whole world .After all, there is nothing wrong with public pornography— it is so great to watch. In fact, let’s encourage it openly; no restrictions are necessary, as teens’ desires must be fulfilled at any costs— rules never matter. But houses, apartments nor mansions—really any human shelter with ethical boundaries—will not suffice to accommodate such wantonness comfortably; they need a different home—where they fit in. Considering that, I think the general consensus of concerned guardians would agree that these Pornographic Individuals, the PI, find a more suitable residence at the zoo, where it is really comfortable for naked animals.

Over three hundred million people visit the zoo on a monthly basis— the greatest money-attracting business of the country. In other words, it’s a perfect home for publicity; PIs can gather more attention from the public, most importantly— in live action like the hogs, gorillas, monkeys and other naked beings. Nothing is needed at all; no books— remember, studies are never important; no parental guidance— rules never should be considered, since they might propagate morality. But we PIs never consider ethics—it’s simply a waste.

Most importantly though— no clothes. Fellow neighbors such as Mr. Panda and Mr. Elephant never garment their bodies; they project their nudity without shame— uncircumspect of all who view their figures. Never wear even the smallest tunic— remember, there is no shame ever. Who doesn’t want a crowd gaping at seductive body parts? Only flawless skin and sexy hips will make them fit in better. After all, neither ethics nor civilized presence matter at the zoo; bodily exposure is the ONLY criteria. Remember, mingling with the hogs, pandas, goats and tigers is a must; the better one resembles zoo creatures, the more one fits in. Where obscenity is the norm; privacy is never upheld.

With more attraction, PIs will become closer to the fellow animals— public sex being the circadian job. The muscular male Bengal tiger does not mind if five photographers record its “love moment” with its female partner. Always mimic these shameless animals and nonchalantly mate in front of zoo visitors. After all, there is nothing personal— everything is public. The most essential point is to wander without ignominy. Never even think about civility— that’s all worthless and not for zoo inhabitants. Rules of chastity or humane values may be violated- ruining family reputation, but that never matters— only the amount of people that admire body parts. Always remain naked— preferably underneath the full sun, where everyone can take pictures. It doesn’t matter that kids are too young to admire nude breasts or curvy thighs— there is absolutely nothing wrong in exposing sexual instincts to young, unblemished children.  The zoo is a perfect home— it’s rich with opportunities for obscenity. Remember, there is no shame; everything is public; nothing is personal.

To further enhance obscenity, the zoos have special cages designed for sex life. It’s every wall is transparent, with three cameras fixed on the animals inside. There is no better room than this for PIs. They will be admired 24/7— I mean examined– for the number of moles on ribs and plumpness of the breasts, the curviness of hips, and other private details- of course, at the zoo there is never anything private. Publicity will only keep growing, visitors growing, immorality growing, humaneness decreasing— but who cares about that? Behaving like animals and living in nudity is the only purpose of life—living like the hogs, pandas, lions, gorillas and sheep. It is a competition with Mrs. Pig, who seduces at least five boars a day. The closer to that expectation, the better it is. Remember, everything is public- nothing is personal.

With such a suitable home with the zoo animals, PIs should have no trouble fitting in. After all, pornographic exposure is the best way to lead an animalistic life— that is, blissful. Mr.Hog, Mr. Elephant, and all others would be honored if humans, PIs, join their home, for there already exists a special connection in both lifestyles. Zoo animals only eat, sleep, defend and mate publically. PIs also only eat, sleep, defend and mate publically— where neither education nor parents nor ethics ever matter (Prabhupda 14). Then, it is reasonable that all PIs move in with their zoo companions without further delay, where they will fit in better with the zoo standards. After all, who cares about morality or shame or dignity or ethics— everything is certainly public- nothing personal, like the zoo animals. What use is human intelligence or education when the raw body alone can make one famous?












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