A Christmas Movie Culture


Sports Editor

Each December, the United States saturates itself with the culture and traditions of Christmas. The lights, the traditional Christmas trees with ornaments covering every inch, and, of course, movies are all a part of the Christmastime spirit. These traditions are different among families, but the common ground across the U.S. is a good ole’ Christmas movie. These movies impact how we celebrate Christmas, and they teach us life lessons that will shape our character. Students here at the Hooch share the same opinion, as they share some of their favorite movie-related tradition.

“One year my family went to Germany, and we saw a movie that showed a family who hid a pickle in their tree. Finding the pickle means that you get to open the first present, so now we have a pickle ornament hidden in the tree every year,” said Cole Johnson [Sr] .

Mrs. Wile and Evan Miller [Sr]  both love Charlie Brown saying that  “Charlie Brown taught us how to be generous and giving during the holidays.”

Along with Charlie Brown, a movie that has found its place into homes across Johns Creek is “A Christmas Story.” Georgia Maling [So]  watches it every Christmas Day, and said, “It’s a tradition in my house to watch it on TV every year.”

Yet another movie that seems to be a favorite among Chattahoochee students is “The Polar Express. Nishant Sinha [Sr]  and Troy Campbell [Sr] both watch it on the night before Christmas with their families. “The hot chocolate song is sung in my house non-stop during Christmas time,” Troy said. He explained that ever since it came out, “The Polar Express” has been his favorite Christmas movie.

Clearly, movies change the way we do Christmas. It may be a Christmas Eve viewing, or a tradition picked up from the movies, but it’s obvious that the culture of these movies has made its way to Johns Creek. Whether it’s Scrooge or Saint Nick himself, there’s no denying that Christmas movies have molded the way that Christmas is celebrated across the country.


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