“Brighten” your day


Brighten is an app that was created as “a genuine way for people to let their friends know how much they’re appreciated.” Being the first social app to focus on positivity, Brighten provides an easy way to make your friends smile. Even the experts say that making other people happy actually boosts your mood and small acts of kindness go a long way these days.

The brilliant idea of this app sprouted after a friend passed away in a climbing accident and all his friends were posting heartfelt messages and really nice comments on his Facebook. After seeing this, his friends wished that he could have seen all the amazing things people were saying about him while he was still alive.

Of all the apps that are created, very few leave viewers with more self confidence than they had when they opened the app. There is a similar app called Yik Yak; both are a type of social media that peers can post anonymously. However, the difference is that brighten is a place for positivity and Yik Yak is basically an app that has drifted far from the original idea. With all the negativity that is continuously spreading, it was about time somebody thought of a way to have positivity trump all the negatives. If the world continues to drift to the dark side, then mankind will become the monsters we all know we can be.

Brighten can be used to rekindle old friendships, create new friendships or to make someone’s day. As an active user of Brighten, I fully support the idea of making someone’s day a little bit “brighter” by a simple positive comment.

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