Creed Delivers a Knockout Punch


              In this installment of the famous Rocky movies, Adonis Creed fights the legacy of his father, Apollo Creed, who everyone tries to compare him to. Michael B. Jordan does a stellar job of continuing this great series. For a year before filming, Jordan began a very special diet and started to shape his body into one of a buff boxer, and he definitely succeeded. His toned body and superb acting amaze the audience during the entire film. The addition of having The Rocky Balboa as Don’s trainer not only connects the previous movies to this one, but it also continues Stallone’s excellent tough-guy acting.

              At the start, “Creed” looks to be just a regular movie about a kid who is in juvie, gets an opportunity to change his life, and somehow becomes known world-wide. While this is happening, the way director Ryan Coogler structures the story is genius. As the plot progresses, Rocky comes out from retirement and mentors Don as he tries to make it just like his father did. The story becomes even more serious when Rocky develops Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, a form of cancer. They push each other to fight their own battles, adding a heart-warming feeling to this rough and tough movie.

              The movie definitely picks up in the end when Don fights against the number one ranked boxer in the world, Pretty Nicky Conlan. No one has ever fought Conlan and not been knocked out. The fight is also being held in Conlan’s home town of Everton, and every fan in attendance is for Conlan. Looks like everything is stacked against Creed now. As these two undefeated champions go head-to-head in the biggest moment of Creed’s life, they trade punches back-and-forth and come at each other round after round. Don miraculously survives all 12 rounds, and you think he’s going to win, right? Spoiler Alert. Just kidding. Go and watch “Creed” to continue the great Rocky series.



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