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            Every year, Hooch has plenty of multi-sport athletes; however, this year there seems to be a strange connection between lacrosse and wrestling. Four-year varsity lacrosse player, Noah Ebetino (SR), has picked up wrestling for the first time in his life and wrestling captain, Matt Picus (SR), plans to start his first season of lacrosse in the spring. While the two sports may not seem to have much in common, playing one definitely has a positive impact on a player’s abilities in the other.

           Ebetino has spent the majority of his life playing lacrosse and as expected, has excelled as a player, being one of two freshmen to make varsity in 2013 and improving ever since. For his senior year, Noah wanted to try something new and made the decision to join some of his friends and wrestle. He has been able to make an instant impact on the wrestling team and believes that what he has learned playing lacrosse has helped him succeed at wrestling. “I’m having so much fun wrestling, and it has whipped me into shape,” Ebetino says, “I’ve always been a pretty aggressive lacrosse player which I think has transferred to my style of wrestling.” Ebetino is also excited for the lacrosse season because “wrestling has made me even more aggressive than I already was, and I’m physically in better shape than I ever have been before. I’ve gotten much stronger this season, and I think that will help me in the spring.”

           There is also much to be gained from going at lacrosse with a wrestling background. Matt Picus plans to start lacrosse as a face-off middie, a position that requires great reaction time and strength. “Hopefully I’ll be able to have an impact and win some face-offs during the lacrosse season,” Picus said. “I think the quickness and strength I’ve developed from wrestling my whole life will give me a competitive edge and help me succeed in lacrosse.” Face-off middie and wrestler, Henry Casnocha (JR) believes “there is definitely a crossover between lacrosse and wrestling, which has helped me a lot over the years. It seems as though whenever one season ends, I am still working on skills that help improve my game in that sport by playing the other.”

           These two sports work side-by-side in creating great all-around athletes. For these multi-sport athletes, skills learned in one sport transfer over to the other and result in aggressive, quick and strong competitors.

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