Johns Creek High School Accused of Illegal Recruitments


According to CBS Atlanta News, the Georgia High School Association has brought allegations of illegal recruitment against Johns Creek High School involving nationally ranked cheerleaders Shayla Moore and Angel Rice, arguably some of the top competitors in the state. Both girls were on the teams that won the World Championship that are commonly known in the cheerleading industry as “power tumblers” according to Jamie Parrish, owner of Georgia Allstar Cheerleading. Speculation toward the Varsity tryouts escalated when two varsity players were forced off the team in order to include the two new superstars.

Local Johns Creek parents began to suspect the illegal recruitments when the new cheerleaders’ adjustments were made discreetly and quietly. The odds of new players on varsity were already extremely slim throughout the years. The parents were also concerned about the involvement with athletes outside the district and were worried about the special perks the girls and their families were receiving. CBS news began to investigate further into the matter about the home purchased by the Rice family; according to CBD investments, the house was bought right before the beginning of the school year. CBD is owned by the husband of Johns Creek Booster club member and Trinity Athletics owner Cori Davenport. Both Moore and Rice now train privately in Davenport’s gym.

Moore currently lives in an apartment across from the high school while her family continues to live in Clayton County where she went to school last year. Davenport, both the parents, Fulton County School District and coach Brianne Garramone dodged the constant interviews and confrontations.

Dr. Swearingin of the Georgia High School Association claims the basis for accusation is not clearly evident. Charges have been levied and need further discussion to identify the source of recruitments. The rules require the students to make a “bona fide” transfer with their entire family to be eligible to join a varsity sport. If one should disregard the rules, it would create an enormous fine, sports teams would be forced to give up their titles and could be banned from the postseason. This matter does not only regard the school and athletes, but it could possibly cost the coach’s career.

    Further investigations are necessary to find out whether the school was involved in any undue influence, or whether the students were actively participating in the transfer with the parent’s interests for selling their children out for future athletic success.


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