New Poll of a New Voting Generation


Staff Reporter

Chattahoochee Seniors had a lot to say about the upcoming election in Speculator’s latest poll. Feel free to check out a full graphical summary of the results below.


There were some interesting points to take from the poll. Marco Rubio was the most popular candidate in the Republican party. Out of Republican voters that had a preference in candidate, Rubio had over 44% of the support. Donald Trump was not far behind with 36% of the votes from those with a preference.

image (1)

One of the most overwhelming victories in the poll was for Bernie Sanders. He received 59.4% of the Democratic votes and had almost 75% of the votes from students with a preference among Democratic candidates. He also had more support than Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz combined! With that kind of support, he should do well in Georgia’s primary since almost half of the senior class will likely vote in it.


image (2)

These students should be well informed on policy since over 80% of the class has either watched the debates or plans to in the future.

image (3).png

By the time November comes around, the Chattahoochee Class of 2016 could have a major say in the election. They will be informed voters, and over 85% plan to cast their ballot for our next president.

image (4)

Among the biggest issues that the student body will consider when they go out to vote are the national debt, the threat of terrorism and gun issues (or gun rights, however you want to look at it.) Racial issues and immigration are also some heavy topics on the minds of the senior class.

image (5).png
This is an important time in our lives. If we the seniors can stay informed, stay involved and vote, this could be our year to decide who sits in the Oval Office. Thank you to all who participated in the survey. Your responses are greatly appreciated and informative.

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