A Not So Super Bowl

SamBerman– Seniors Editor            

 The stage was set for Super Bowl 50 to be one of the most legendary NFL Championships of all time. Obviously, the Super Bowl is a huge deal every year. People attend viewing parties and some even spend thousands of dollars for a ticket and travel across the country to see the game in person. The viewers watch for the fierce competition, the extravagant halftime show and even get pumped up to watch the commercials. Some believe that Super Bowl Sunday should be recognized as a national holiday and the following Monday should be given as a day off of school and work. However, this year’s Super Bowl did not elicit nearly as much excitement as past Championships.

On Feb 7, 2016, the Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers 24-10, which came as a shock to most of the nation. While it was great to see the elderly Peyton Manning get his second ring in his last hoo-rah against the proven best team in the league and MVP Cam Newton, the game itself was pretty lifeless. With a pass rush that pressured the quarterback ferociously, Denver’s defense won them the game, . All season, Carolina’s offense had been the most fun to watch in the league, but they were never able to get in any type of groove. This resulted in a fairly low-scoring, defensive battle that moved slowly and was uninteresting to watch.

The halftime show may have been the best part of the Super Bowl, which isn’t ideal for an NFL Championship. Coldplay headlined, which everyone’s dad was probably happy about, and was accompanied by Beyonce and Bruno Mars. Coldplay opened by playing their hits with an explosion of color and lights, and soon Queen B and Bruno joined in. Each pop star had a posse of dancers with them, and the stage soon turned into a dance battle between the groups. The screen turned to a tribute to halftime shows of the past and ended with all of the performers coming together and singing as a group. It was a good performance, but still lacked excitement that past shows had.

The commercials may have been the most disappointing part of all. Normally, America is in hysterics from the ads of Doritos, Budweiser, GoDaddy.com and others. However, this year’s ad reel failed to keep the interest of viewers. Doritos had a weird ad where a fetus flew out of the womb of its mother for a Dorito, and Mountain Dew created a terrifying creature in Puppy-Monkey-Baby, but aside from those, very few commercials that really stood out.

The Super Bowl is an event that brings America together and that people look forward to all year long. This year’s had so much potential, which made for such a huge disappointment. Being the 50th anniversary Super Bowl, America expected better.



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