A Very Vivid Vegan Venue

Nabeel Khan

 Sports Editor


At  first glance, Avocado Vegan Cafe seems like it would have a similar dining experience to that of Panera Bread or Chipotle, at which you order your semi-healthy meal and are able to take it to your table immediately. However, when the waiter approaches you and tells you to sit down before taking your order, you realize that this experience is a cut above your typical trendy health food restaurant.

As suggested by the name, Avocado only serves vegan food, and because Chattahoochee is home to a very diverse group of students, it caters exceptionally well to our vegetarian and vegan students. One student in particular voiced her delight at finding this new spot: “As a vegetarian, I was always pretty limited when my friends and I would go out to restaurants. At Avocado it’s like the whole menu is made just for me.” Like Amy Patel [Sr], all of the vegetarians, or even students who do eat meat, should give this place a try.

As someone who eats meat, I found it very easy to choose an appealing item off of the menu. The restaurant offers soups, salads and more exotic entrees like coconut kale curry, but the large selection of burgers and subs were what intrigued me. Many would think that a burger would be incomplete without a perfect 80-20 blend beef patty, but surprisingly enough, Avocado was able to make a portabella mushroom burger taste just as flavorful. Rather than having a mouthful of beef, you are treated to a variety of spices, sauces and toppings that perfectly pair with the hearty bite of a large portabella mushroom.

Any place that labels itself as a cafe usually has cozy decor, and Avocado is no exception. Avocado’s “green” theme is centered around contemporary furniture and a bright color pallet. Behind the counter, I saw several chalkboards marked up in a curvy handwriting with the daily soups and smoothies. At the same time, your ears are treated to Bob Marley and other laid-back musical choices. All of this together gives the place a very alternative feeling that couples well with the alternative food that you are trying. Stepping into the restaurant is almost like stepping out of Johns Creek and into a small beachside cafe.

Avocado Vegan Cafe gave me a new outlook on my daily meals. In the typical American diet, meat is king, but for many Chattahoochee students who don’t eat animal products, this just isn’t the case. This small spot is just down the street from our school, and its California-esque music and trendy atmosphere make it a cool place for anyone who is willing to try something new.

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