Hooch’s First Sadie


Staff Reporter

This year Chattahoochee High School’s football team will be sponsoring its first ever Sadie Hawkins Dance. A Sadie Hawkins Dance is different from other high school dances because rather than the boys asking the girls, it is the other way around. The idea to have a lady’s choice dance came from Chattahoochee’s principal, Tim Corrigan, who was “inspired by a similar dance held at his high school called TWIRP– “The Woman is Requested to Pay.” Corrigan hopes that this dance will spark a new tradition here at Chattahoochee, as well as get the upperclassmen more involved in school events since homecoming has recently been generalized as a lowerclassmen dance.

The theme of the Sadie Hawkins Dance is Mardi Gras; it will be held in Chattahoochee’s cafeteria on February 27th from 8-10 pm. Tickets cost $10 and can be purchased from any member of the football team. The music will be provided by Ms. Tangela McCorkle who is a professional DJ outside of her teaching career at the school. The cafeteria will be decorated with lights and banners, similar to homecoming. Corrigan says it will be a “safe environment for groups of friends to come dance and hangout.”

The Sadie Hawkins tradition originated from a cartoon character. Sadie was a creation of the cartoonist Al Capp in his strip Li’l Abner, set in the hillbilly town of Dogpatch. Sadie first appeared in the daily strips in November 15-30, 1937. The strip goes as follows: Sadie Hawkins was the daughter of one of the earliest settlers of Dogpatch, Hekzebiah Hawkins. For 15 years, Sadie had failed to “catch” a husband. One day Sadie’s father called together all the eligible bachelors of Dogpatch.”He declared Sadie Hawkins Day. A starting gun is fired, to give the boys a head start, then a second gun is fired, and, as her father says, when Sadie “starts a-runnin’, th’one she ketches’ll be her husband.”

The Sadie Hawkins Dance has since become a monumental event at many high schools. It emphasizes the strength, power and independence that women have gained throughout the years. Because school dances such as homecoming and prom support patriarchy and the superior role of men, Sadie Hawkins highlights the significant role of women in today’s society. Sadie Hawkins will be an exciting event for Chattahoochee to be holding this year.

Mr. Corrigan, as well as the student body, seems excited to attend the dance. Corrigan claimed, “the inaugural Ladies Choice Dance will be lit!” The staff hopes that Sadie will continue at Chattahoochee in years to come and will fill the time between Presidents’ Day and spring break, “during the coldest and longest days of our school calendar,” says Corrigan.


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