Science Olympiad’s Road to Success


CarolineTomczak, staff reporter

You may have frequently heard Science Olympiad on the announcements. All of the awards that the team has won this season alone shows it has been a success. Science Olympiad is an academic club at Chattahoochee which allows students to explore their passion in Science. The team has competed in four competitions at the MIT Invitational, the University of Georgia, Forsyth Central Invitationals and the Brookwood Invitational.

The team recently traveled to the MIT Invitational; this competition was very awarding for the team because they placed eighth in the nation, with several members receiving first place medals. The competitions allow the team members to focus on science topics that they are interested in. Alex Patton (SR), one of the co-presidents of the club, described his favorite events as “building events like Robot Arm, Electric Vehicle and Bridge Building.” Robot Arm is my favorite event, because of the creativity and freedom you’re allowed when designing and building a robot. It’s also fun to see what kind of designs other teams come up with; we all learn from each other.” Isabella Cheng (SR), one of the co-presidents recalled her most memorable experience from being apart of the Science Olympiad as the MIT competition “because we improved a lot and it was nice to see our hard work pay off.”

In 2013, the Science Olympiad team began their journey to success and was invited to compete at an invitational competition at Yale. Patton (SR) stated how this competition was one of his favorites, “We took the train all the way to Connecticut, which was twenty hours both ways. It was a great bonding experience, and we ended up placing fourth, which was exciting for us since we had never been to an out-of-state tournament before. I believe that this tournament really set the stage for us to become a truly competitive team.”

Science Olympiad not only allows students to be innovative and explore their interests, but it teaches them to learn how to work as a team, communicate with others and manage a task, furthering them on their journey to success.


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