Kat Supertramp Magester


Staff Reporter

World-Class gymnast turns state champion cheerleader, not that interesting right? Well, the story of Kat Majester is far from ordinary. After years of practicing and competing, Kat became a world-class level 10 gymnast. She was the highest rank a gymnast could achieve while still being only 13 years old. Unfortunately, she had to quit gymnastics because she dislocated both of her knees. Kat overcame her injury and started competitive cheerleading. This is where the story of Kat Magester truly begins.

Chattahoochee High School was Kat’s next stop. With the Hooch cheerleading team coming off of a great season with a State Championship under their belt, Kat came to Chattahoochee in hopes of joining an elite program under the coaching of Caren Hudson. “As a Junior Olympic gymnast, she possessed the tumbling skills she would need and had the flexibility that stood out among most young women. Most of all she was determined to help the team succeed”, said Coach Hudson. At the end of the state routine, Kat pulled a scorpion pose that involved her kissing the bottom of her foot, a feat nearly impossible for most. Kat had a huge impact on the team winning the State Championship that year.

In 2005, Kat graduated from Chattahoochee High school with intentions of cheering at the next level. She attended the University of Clemson with a four-year stint on the football cheerleading team. Josh Langley, an assistant track and field coach at Clemson University, noticed Kat flipping effortlessly head over heels along the sideline during one of Clemson’s games. Talking with a fellow coach, Langley said “’that girl’s a pole vaulter.” It took Langley a few weeks to track her down but it has proved to be worthwhile. Just a mere six months later, Majester landed in the NCAA East Region Track and Field Championships. Upon graduating from Clemson, Kat applied to medical school at the University of Georgia. She continued her pole vaulting while earning a Master’s degree in Public Health on top of it. Kat Wrapped up her career as a Bulldog by competing at the NCAA National Championships. Right out of college Kat became an Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader. After completing her rookie year as a Falcon, Kat headed to Eugene, Oregon for the U.S. Olympic Team Track and Field Trials. “It has been a dream of mine to go to the Olympics since I was little, but I just never thought that my best chance at that would be in pole vault. I wanted to be an Olympic gymnast since I started at 4 years old”, said Kat in a prior interview with Jay Adams, writer for the Atlanta Falcons.

After finishing 5th place at the Olympic Trials, she came just short of top 3, which headed to London to compete. Kat Magester has really done it all. What will be next for Kat; perhaps the LPGA or the WNBA? Having such a determined mind nothing will stand in this Chattahoochee alumni’s way and if something does Kat will just jump right over it.

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