What Do You Thank Your Parents for Most?


Staff Reporter

It is easy to believe that one has powered through 12 years of grade all on their own. However, as the end of high school approaches faster and faster, the realization becomes clearer—without loving and supporting parents to guide the way, the journey through education wouldn’t have been so smooth.

When asked, “What do you thank your parents for most?” many students agreed on one thing: a parent’s interest in their child’s education instilled in them confidence and motivation. Although annoying at times, a parent’s constant attention and concern drives students to try their hardest; whether out of the desire to please, or the fear of what will happen if they don’t, students care immensely about their parents’ approval. “My father’s strict manner has trained me to work hard and allowed me to prosper in school,” says Trevor Anderson (SR). It may have seemed overbearing and bothersome throughout school, but as graduation draws nearer, students must admit that their parents’ constant involvement is a crucial part of their own success.

At the same time, the support of a parent is equally as important. High school is stressful, to say the least, and through the many mental breakdowns and all-nighters, students rely on their parents to calm them down. Assurance that grades are not the most important part of life, and that failure is not the end of the world is something only Mom and Dad can convince you of. “My mom is the only person who can calm me down when the stress of school gets to me,” says Kelly Hart (SR). Parents have the ability to convince their children that the best they can do is the most they can expect, and with the increasing pressure to perform perfectly, students need this comfort.


A balance of accountability and support from the parents of Chattahoochee’s students is an important factor in their individual success. Students want to please them, and they want their children to feel like they have done so. The combination of the two allows for the motivation we need to perform well in school, along with the validation that trying our best is all that we can do.


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