The Chronicles of Academia

NabeelKhan Sports Editor


    The idea started from a simple conversation between friends. Vivek Rajasekar (Sr) and Andrew Searles (Sr) sat together during their regular Friday afternoon ice cream session while discussing the jobs that they had both been working in order to have an extra stash of spending money for college. Although he had worked at Top Golf throughout the summer, Vivek found that this job was very taxing in comparison to the AP tutoring that Vivek did during the school year.

    Private tutoring had several benefits as opposed to working as a waiter. It allowed Vivek, a potential valedictorian candidate, to have a flexible schedule in order to accommodate his heavy coursework while still earning money. Additionally, the fact that he was tutoring students within his own school created a sense of trust and quality assurance that allowed him to quickly make a name for himself in the tutoring business. AP teachers want their students to do well on the standardized exams and are happy to recommend students for tutoring. Thus, Vivek found it incredibly easy to find eager and committed clients.

    Once Vivek realized how quickly he was able to make a splash in the educational sphere, he realized that as a last hurrah he should devote part of his senior year to starting up a short-term tutoring center. In order to take his operation beyond basements and cafes and into a legitimate, independent location, Rajasekar looked to rent a place of business, bring in supplies and run the operation on an independent level.

    As Vivek was starting his company, he ran into his biggest challenge: the fact that he was still in high school. Although this served as a large benefit in terms of marketing to students, it made it difficult to find a realtor who was willing to rent a property to him. Vivek pitched his ideas to local businesses on several occasions. For almost a month, these outings produced no results as Vivek was still without a place to call his own.

    However, he eventually partnered with Westcroft Properties in order to rent out an office that not only met their price range but also catered to the students of Chattahoochee. Vivek’s company APEX Tutoring is officially located at 11030 Jones Bridge Road, Suite 210, and is so close to the high school that students could walk if they pleased. At the moment, the business is not up-and-running, but we will continue to follow the development of Vivek Rajasekar’s efforts as he starts on his journey of entrepreneurship.


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