Hooray for Hooch HOSA



From Feb. 28 to Mar. 1, the Health Occupations Students of America, better known as HOSA, traveled to the Marriott Marquis for their annual convention. The Hooch chapter of  HOSA sought to see their members succeed- and succeed they did. Multiple students ranked including Rachna Patel (JR) who placed first in the state for Dental Science- which is noted to be one of the most competitive events.

The convention began with an opening ceremony where there were raucous displays of school spirit. Sachit Anandan (SR) says “people from all over Georgia represented their schools. It was like a spirit competition and we won.” Following this “pep rally” came the healthcare issues exam which tackled current events in healthcare and served as a qualifier for the national competition.

The central part of the HOSA convention was the events. They ranged from EMT to physical therapy to clinical nursing. Students who specialized in these subjects studied for the first round which was composed of a written exam. If they qualified for the second round, they would move on to a hands-on portion where they would behave like real-world medical professionals. However, some of the less interactive subjects like medical math and medical spelling had only one round.

In addition to the events, there were workshops for students to get training in particular fields. After all the events and workshops were completed, the students came together for a dance on Monday night. Before embarking on their journey home, they attended the awards ceremony which acknowledged individual excellence as well as the closing ceremony which was like the opening ceremony but with a greater emotional presence.

Hooch HOSA was enthusiastic about their performance. Lisa To (SR) said “I feel like this year was better than ever since we brought a lot more people and more of them placed in the top three.” These winners included Jack Peterson (JR) who placed third in Dental Science, Lucas Kim (JR) who placed third in Dental Terminology, Charity Starkes (SR) who placed second in Medical Spelling and Becky O’Sullivan (JR) and Emily Lehnes (JR) who placed second and third in Clinical Nursing, respectively. With so many distinguished students, Hooch is shaping up to be a center of medical knowledge.


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