Lacrosse Underdog: Erin Chakalos


Staff Reporter

Erin Chakalos (JR), third year varsity player, is one of the most outstanding athletes on Chattahoochee’s girls lacrosse team. After leaving softball in fourth grade, she knew lacrosse was the right decision for her. The things that keep her motivation unbreakable are the girls she sees on the practice field. Chakalos adds, “The hard working girls on my team, especially the seniors that I’ve known since I started playing in freshman year, they keep me coming back.”

Each year the varsity girls lacrosse team gets closer to State Championships and higher up on the state rankings on competition games. Chakalos states, “I hope to make it as far as we possibly can in the  playoffs and win the Area Championship for the third time in a row!”

What makes the girls lacrosse team different from other high school teams is the commitment and relationships that improve their overall performance as a group. Chakalos states how the new players on the varsity team have been impeccable; the freshman players and returning seniors have cooperated phenomenally this year and will definitely show their improvements in future games.

Her favorite part about the team is the memorable and silly moments with her friends: “last year we practiced in a torrential downpour and then slid through the mud while it was still raining during our drills.” Although the endless laps and constant sprints begin to wear the girls down during the season, Chakalos’ enthusiasm continues to grow. She is know for getting the girls psyched before practices and games, and she also inspires the crowd with her energy. She values teamwork more than anything and aims to become a better team player.

Chakalos plans to continue lacrosse throughout senior year and will end her final season after she graduates from high school, but her best memories are of the many Chattahoochee victories after hard-fought games against state-ranked teams.


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