Spring Winning

DallasShook – Editor in Chief


After considerably disappointing fall and winter sports seasons for Chattahoochee – plagued by injuries and close-game collapses – spring comes as a highly-appreciated fresh start for Hooch. With the introduction of boys’ and girls’ lacrosse and soccer, Hooch fans will now take on a new perspective – one of high expectations. All four programs are returning many integral pieces and expect their teams’ experience and chemistry to drive them toward state championships.

There’s only one word so far for the boys lacrosse team’s start to this season: dominant. The attack is spearheaded by two main scorers, Noah Ebetino (SR) and Mason Hebert (SR). Hebert began the year averaging an unbelievable five goals per game, propelling Hooch to second overall in the state. While the team’s scoring is certainly vital, goalie Paul Burke (SR) is off to a record-breaking start. Burke set Hooch’s record for percentage of goals saved in a game, saving an unreal 73% of the shots fired at him. There’s much more to this team, however. Hebert credits the team’s phenomenal start to their teamwork, stating, “I think our team will perform well this season because we work as a unit. We don’t play selfishly; we play as a team.” It is clear that this Hooch team has the balance Mason speaks of, as the team is filled with star players like Cole Johnson (SR), Troy Campbell (SR), Danny Trainer (SO) and Michael Wall (SR), just to name a few.

While it is easy to get excited over the guys’ phenomenal start, they might be playing backseat to the girls’ lacrosse team this season. Rightfully so, as the Lady Cougars are heavily favored to make a run through the state playoffs this year. The team has an endless amount of talent, with players like Siena Gore (JR), Marissa Gore (JR), Haley Harris (SR) and Sascha Reynolds (SR). When I asked Reynolds what her expectations were for this season, her response was all too simple. “We are going to win state,”

Speaking of state championship expectations, the boys’ soccer team is returning a superstar roster with players such as Shane Burke (SR), Hunter Phelps (SR), Alex Field (JR), Jack Corrigan (SO), Jorge Herrera (SR) and last year’s region MVP, Drew Catapano (JR). After last year’s shocking early exit, which was a disappointing finish to a nearly undefeated season, the boys’ soccer team is poised to make an even deeper playoff run this year. Beyond an incredibly talented team, Alex Field believes the team will perform exceptionally well this year due to chemistry, adding “We are all friends both on and off the field, so our team’s chemistry is very good which enables us to play well together.” Nobody places higher expectations on this team than themselves, as Shane Burke boldly said, “we also expect to go further than we did last year which would put us in at least the sweet 16. We want to take it as far as we can and hopefully win the state championship.” With this much talent, the team is fully capable of a huge run this season.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Hooch girls’ soccer team. This team is returning a group of stars – Kelly Hart (SR), Katie Weger (SR), Sydney Lee (SR), Riley Pinion (SR) and Skylar Bertram (JR) – as well as a group of unbelievably talented young players, such as Ashton Smith (FR) – an LSU soccer commit – and Cecily Mohammed (SO) – a UGA soccer commit. With this much talent, both experienced and hungry, the team has the talent it takes to make an impact in region play this year. But the team isn’t thinking that far ahead. Captain Kelly Hart put it simply, “We don’t think past next game. We know we have the talent and chemistry to beat any opponent we play, so there’s no point worrying about the future.” Riley Pinion also agreed, stating that “I don’t care what seed we end up being. I know that if we make the playoffs we can compete with anyone we match up against.”

Be sure to keep up with all four of these teams this season, as there is endless potential this year.



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