More Than Just a T-Shirt


Seniors Editor

In most varsity sports at Chattahoochee, an athlete will choose someone, usually of the opposite gender, to bring in bags of food and/or goodies on game days. In return, the lax lady/kicking cutie/sideline sweetheart/etc. gets a T-shirt with their player’s name and number on the back of it. Many people want to do this job for the sole reason of getting a T-shirt, while others truly act as a line of support for their student-athlete.

While it may be unclear if it is worth being a supporter like this, it is important to know how much it means to the athletes. “Getting to school and seeing a bag full of food for me on game day is the best,” says Ryan Mahoney(SR). “My girlfriend is my lax lady and she always hooks me up with great food, and sometimes even toys in my bag. She also comes to every game that she can and is pretty much my biggest fan. It feels great to have someone like that supporting you.”

For the most part, these supporters enjoy what they do. While sometimes the expense of the bags can begin to get out of hand, supporters are always willing to bring bags for their athletes, especially with the incentive of a T-shirt. Candace Damron(JR) is a kicking cutie for the first time this year. She has enjoyed bringing bags for her soccer player, “I love seeing how thankful Drew is when I bring him a bag. Because I am his kicking cutie this year, I have gone to more soccer games than I ever have before. It’s awesome rooting him on, and he tells me all the time how much he appreciates my support. Plus the T-shirt is really cool this year.” Not only does being an athlete’s supporter mean a lot to the athlete, but it also brings the supporter closer to the sport and gets them more involved in school activities.

Being an athletes’ supporter like this is more than just bringing bags of food and getting a T-shirt. Whether you are a lax lady, a kicking cutie, a sideline sweetheart or whatever other type of supporter, your role is extremely important, as it has become a line of support for these athletes.


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