Junior-Senior Wars

AshwinHaritsa, PatricPelli, HunterCornett

Prom week! It’s the time of year when juniors and seniors team against each other for a single purpose: to mess up the other grade’s houses. The Junior-Senior Wars are a time for kids to be kids and enjoy life while they’re young. Throwing toilet paper on trees and drawing genitals and other embarrassing stuff with shaving cream on driveways are some of the badass things that kids do.

We aren’t savages, so rules are established so things don’t get out of hand. Basics like simple toilet paper are allowed, but kids stay away from stuff like vandalism so they don’t have to deal with annoying cops. Aside from these straightforward rules, students strategize on how to hit houses without being noticed. The hardest part is avoiding the patrolling cops who are on lookout throughout the night, but what’s fun without a little challenge? Additionally, there are specific days designated to each grade. The two switch turns each night so that there is an equal distribution and no single grade has an unfair advantage in the amount of times they can hit houses.

The main difference between the two classes is that seniors have experience from last year, while this is the first war for the juniors. This was evident this year, because the seniors won so easily. Like seriously, not even a contest. Also, some juniors notified the police of the shenanigans, which created a ceasefire halfway through the week. However, this did not stop the seniors from increasing their leadone group hit 13 houses on Friday night, sealing the victory for the class of 2016.

Was it worth it? Definitely. Junior-Senior wars is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a tradition at Chattahoochee. Students risked getting caught by parents and police because they knew they would have a great time while having a friendly competition with their rival class.

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