Background of Ghost Out Week

SabrineAbdellaoui – Staff Reporter

NeelSwamy – Features Editor

In an attempt to spread awareness of the dangers of both drunk driving and distracted driving, Chattahoochee High School again hosted “Ghost Out Week.” One of the event’s faculty coordinators, Mrs. Garth, explains that it takes place only once every four years because “it takes so many people, volunteers, money, and companies to make the entire [event] work.”

She is not the only staff member dedicated to the cause; in fact, the administration organizes it, going so far as to change the bell schedule to ensure that there is enough time set aside for presentations/demonstrations each day. The PTSA parents help out a lot, but Graduation Coach Mr. Quraishy is in charge of the entire event.

The layout of events was meant to create a chronological reenactment of the events that are caused by one bad decision. On Monday, the administration took one student out of each class to visually display the statistics of deaths from distracted driving. The following day, there was an accident scene that was displayed in the front of the school. It included a head on collision involving a head on collisions with multiple fatalities. Wednesday brought about a funeral scene for a student, and a court scene was put on on Thursday. The week was concluded by the opportunity to use drunk goggles to show what a student is doing when they are drunk behind the wheel.

Students were shown how much doing such a reckless thing puts your life at risk. Drunk driving has taken countless lives, many of which are teenagers, and it is important that we put an end to such activity as early as possible.

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