Prom Review from a Senior

Sports Editor


Chattahoochee High School’s  2016 prom, hosted in the iconic Fernbank Natural History Museum in historic Decatur GA was nothing short of spectacular this year. From the perspective of a Senior, only 30 days from graduation, prom was without-a-doubt a night to remember full of dancing and fine dining.

This prom’s theme was a black and white 007, presented with “tux-tickets” and the secret agents three numbers being illuminated on the wall in the main dance area. Along with the spotlight on the wall, there was poker, blackjack, and other James Bond worthy games.

As for the venue, when walking through the main entrance entering into the dance floor, you are greeted with the head of a massive T-Rex skeleton and twin-spiral staircases leading down onto the floor. Once down the stairs and onto the floor, the low lights and dance music set the tone for the night. Along with the main dance area, there were several exhibits that could be visited while taking a break from dancing.


The music played at prom was,while danceable, lacking  real variety in mood. The DJ, understandably, did his best to keep a consistent beat, keeping the dance exciting and moving, but may not have paid enough attention to playing enjoyable songs. But, coming from a senior, it’s my belief that the prom gives you what you put into it, and takes a “dance like it’s your last night” attitude to really enjoy.

Overall, the entire experience of 2016’s prom is one that will be cherished and missed by a graduating senior, and one that  will be remembered forever.


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