The War to End All Wars




This past week, as tensions came to a climax between the two classes, the inevitable Junior-Senior Wars began. Year after year each grade sets out on a mission to prove their superiority, teepeeing the houses of as many people as they can, and year after year the rivalry becomes more intense. However, this time, things were taken to the next level, and the war was cut short by the police.

The initial night of attack, the seniors attempted to make their marks by heading out first. There were four junior houses hit, complete with saran-wrapped cars, teepeed trees and profane messages written in shaving cream along driveways. Some stayed up all night to defend their homes– aiming airsoft guns out their bedroom windows for hours on end– while some decided to take the hit for motivation to retaliate.

The following night, the Junior class set out to prove their place, only to be met by heavy duty paintball guns and airsoft snipers. Cars were blasted with paint, and kids were left running and ducking for cover from the flying bullets. The war had heated up by now, and many people decided to return home for the sake of protecting themselves. Those who remained, though, took extreme measures throughout the following nights: egging houses, damaging property and  trashing yards.

At this point, the JCPD had been contacted at least three times, leaving them with orders not only to send home, but to arrest any person under the age of 18 seen out past curfew. This unfortunately scared many kids to the point of staying home and put parents on high alert. Because of this, Junior-Senior Wars was cut short and the rivalry simmered once again. The lesson to be learned: it’s all fun and games until someone gets egged.

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