Boys Soccer Team Titled #1 in Nation

From the first game of the season, Chattahoochee’s Varsity Boys’ soccer team came out on fire, competing in every game with class and determination. The team is undefeated, winning back the respect from opposing parents, coaches, teams and referees after the unfortunate ending to last year’s season. The team has been titled #1 in their region sending them to playoffs. However, what is more impressive, it that the team has also been titled #1 in the nation. After a season of immense dedication, this impressive achievement is well deserved by the players and the coaches Les Meenan and Eduardo Coloma.

It came as no surprise that the boys destroyed Peachtree Ridge in their first game of state playoffs with a 4-0 win. Captain, Shane Burke (Sr), scored the first goal with an exciting penalty kick. Jackson Siegel (Jr) scored the second and fourth goals, and Alex Field (Jr) scored the third goal with a beautiful free kick, advancing them to the second game of playoffs which was equally as exhilarating.

The second round of playoffs included another shutout game with a 3-0 win against Campbell High School. The first goal was scored by Alex Kantor (Jr) with a free kick from the 40-yard line. The second goal was scored by Drew Catapano (Jr) who has recently come off of a serious ankle injury. The third and final goal of the game was scored by Siegel. In an interview with a Chris Spaid (So), a starting defender on the team, he expressed that the reason for the team’s success is due to their confidence. Spaid states that, “as a team, we must remain confident in our abilities and play as a unit in order to keep winning games.”

Chattahoochee’s student body is so proud of the boys soccer team and is eager to watch them continue to advance in playoffs. “The talent they have is truly inspirational and they deserve to win it all. The boys have always connected so well and it has been an honor to coach them throughout the years,” states Les Meenan, head coach. #r2s!


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