Sweetwater Festival 2016


Staff Reporter

From the swaying crowds to the luminous beams of light streaming from the concert stages, nothing could have set the scene better for Atlanta’s annual Sweetwater Festival.

Besides the look of the event, one reason Sweetwater attracts many adults is the diverse style of music played throughout the festival. Either reggae, rock, or alternative, the overall performance of the featured bands was extremely energetic and lively—capturing the very essence of the music festival. The festival included performances by Awolnation, Rebelution, The Roots, The Disco Biscuits, Ludacris, Bastille, Cypress Hill, and many other talented artists. Ludacris especially attracted hundreds of people to his performance, singing his very first single, “What’s Your Fantasy.”

Throughout the days of endless playlists, food trucks lined up across the entrance of Centennial Park. Lines of hungry, eager people stretched almost a mile long for cheese burgers, overpriced tacos, miniature bento boxes, and greasy french fries. Walking towards the fields, you see Sweetwater’s brewery stands bombarding the fields with their famous $9 beers, selling them to anyone in sight.

As the weekend came to a close, the performances grew more energetic in the last five hours, as if you could see the passion beaming off the stage and onto the jumping crowd. Lead singers sang louder, guitars were played faster, the beats became thicker, and the ambiance had become an unforgettable moment at this year’s Sweetwater Festival.

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