The Controversy of Legalization


Throughout the history of the United States, the government has regulated the lives of citizens by instilling laws and restrictions to ensure their safety. The legalization of marijuana is currently in place in a few states but only an idea in other states. The reason behind this is the fear of the dangers and addictive aspect of the drug. The use of this “gateway drug” is said to cause people to make extremely poor choices in the future and become addicted to much more powerful and harmful substances. However, alcohol is just as addictive as cannabis. It is arguably more dangerous as a substance, but it is both legal and extraordinarily common in the American society. Marijuana is simply taking more time to be legalized, it is, in fact, becoming more welcomed throughout the country.

The major first step towards this movement was the decriminalization of marijuana and hemp in Colorado and Washington. As it slowly spreads throughout the country as a legal drug, many people fear that this situation is more harmful than alcohol. Similar to prohibition in the United States in the 1920s, marijuana is used despite it being illegal. As we have seen with alcohol, the drug will not be prohibited for long. If both drugs have harmful addictive effects on behavior, then both should be illegal, but they are not. The U.S. government is slowly realizing that the impacts of this drug are no worse than the impacts of alcohol as it is now legal in some forms, impressively in 23 states already. No one has ever died from an overdose of marijuana, but 6 people die every day from alcohol poisoning. There is clearly a problem with the inequality of the legal and illegal drug.

Obviously, since alcohol has been around in the United States for a much longer time, it has grown as a tradition and has become common in the country. So the addition of Marijuana may be something scary but we are slowly accepting it in our society. It is inevitable that this drug will one day be nearly as common as alcohol in our communities some time in our lives.

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