How To Survive Music Festivals

OliviaErickson, Staff Reporter

Music festivals are a favorite of teenagers and adults alike, and Georgians frequent them more now than ever before. Among the lineup of regular festivals are the popular Music Midtown, Shaky Festival Collection, Sweetwater 420 Fest and Tomorrow World. Because of the rapid increase and popularity in attendance of people in general and especially teenagers, it is important to know not only how to not only survive a music festival–but also how to thrive at one.

  1. Stay Hydrated

A somewhat obvious but often overlooked necessity at music festivals is to stay hydrated. In the often hot and humid music festival weather, it is incredibly important to drink enough water so you and your buds can scamper around the festival without suffering from dehydration. Most festivals allow you to bring  a factory-sealed water bottle and have refill stations scattered around the grounds, so it’s almost impossible to forget to hydrate.

  1. Choose Light and Breathable Clothing

If the weather report predicts ninety-degree weather or scattered thunderstorms, an ankle-length maxi dress is most likely not your best choice. Keep in mind that you will probably be hot, sweaty, or wet at some point during the performances and adventures at the festival when choosing your ultra-hip attire.

  1. Wear Comfortable and Walkable Shoes

Along with choosing comfortable clothing, comfortable shoes are just as (if not more) important than your outfit. Sure, gladiator sandals are super cute, but they are not meant for running around in for 8+ hours. A variation of tennis shoes, such as Vans or even Converse, are most likely the best choice for cute yet comfortable shoes. Rain boots may also be a wise investment if the forecast suggests storms–you wouldn’t want to ruin those gladiators.

  1. Cool Sunglasses: A Must

Most outdoor concerts include excitement, fun, and unforgettable experiences. They are also accompanied by a whole lot of sun. In order to actually see the incredible artist that is performing at 3 p.m., sunglasses–preferably cool ones– are required.

  1. Don’t Overlook Sunscreen

Sun won’t only interfere with seeing once-in-a-lifetime shows, but it can also cause extreme discomfort on the second day of the festival: sunburn. Although applying the premeditated layer of sunscreen on day one may seem trivial at the time, you will regret it when you are cringing in pain when a stranger bumps your shoulder during a performance.

  1. Bring Extra Snacks

Although few festivals allow outside food past the gates, packing a granola bar or peanut-butter crackers is a good idea to have in your bag in case you are hungry, but don’t drop ten dollars on a plate of fries.

  1. Plan Transportation Ahead of Time

You do not want to be stranded on the music festival grounds overnight because you and your friends did not plan ahead who was driving home and who was Ubering. Public transportation is also a useful tool when planning your comings and goings of a festival. Usually, after any big event in Atlanta, MARTA is usually packed, so consider this option with caution. Plan your transportation at least a day in advance.

  1. Get familiar with the schedule and layout of the festival

Most festivals now have a user-friendly website, social media page and even an iPhone app. Take advantage of any of these resources and download the map and schedule of the festival. You will be very thankful when you are not the lost group puttering around the grounds searching for the Peachtree Stage.

  1. Look up bands you don’t know (But don’t overplan)

When you are looking at the schedule and layout of the festival, look up any bands you are uninformed about and interested in. Having a loose schedule is an easy way to get the most performances and fun out of a festival. However, remember not to go overboard with this step. Part of the fun of music festivals is adventuring and experiencing something new!
Although the entire purpose of this article is planning ahead to get the most out of a music festival, leave a little bit up to chance. You may be thankful for your little bit of spontaneity when you hear a new and different melodic verse while wandering around the festival that becomes your favorite song.


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