How To Survive: The Next Powder-Puff Game


HannahKornegay, Staff Reporter

The annual Powder-Puff game, although relatively new, has been widely accepted as an exciting addition to the activities at Chattahoochee High School. Sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the game is meant to put a spin on the traditional male football team by switching men for women. Little did anyone know, the all-girls game would end up with a lot more blood, tears, and yelling than any other Friday night on the field. A few things to look out for next year include:


Protective Headgear and Actual Football Pads:

If you plan on participating in a game as rowdy and aggressive as the Powder-Puff, you’ll definitely need a little protection. I’m sure the athletic department won’t have any problems with you borrowing wrestling headgear, football helmets, even the golf sun visors should be up for grabs.You never know when you’ll be tackled to the ground by an opponent. The difference between having your life flash before your eyes and a mild concussion? Headgear.


Befriend the Ref:

There are obvious benefits to having the referee on your side. They can help you should you find yourself in a sticky situation, or if your team finds itself down on luck.  Just ask Emma Kenfield (SR). I bet that after she was ejected from the game due to bludgeoning the face of a defenseless player, she wished she had talked to the ref, Tommy Yonkee (JR), beforehand.


Avoid Bleeding Altogether:

Poor Sydney Briner (JR). As a junior she’s already being tackled by deadlines and SAT prep courses but even on the field she can’t catch a break. She suffered a bloody nose and a split lip as a result of the Powder Puff game. Again, protective headgear is a must.


First-Aid Kit:

A great deal of blood was shed as a result of this FCA event. There should have been a few first aid kits on hand and ready to go as injuries occurred. In fact, someone should have just had a paramedic on speed dial. Seriously, how could anyone have overlooked this?


CPR Certified:

You never know when you’ll need to revive a team member after they’ve drowned in the blood of your enemy. The Powder-Puff game is so much more than just a means of fundraising for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. It is is a chance for you to prove your power and superiority over your fellow classmates. It is to be taken with extreme gravity. This game is the equivalent of the Battle of Stalingrad, but you know, holier.


Sudoku: After you’ve been ejected from the game this will certainly come in handy. While your teammates fight to the death, you can enjoy the delight of filling that nine by nine grid with numbers.  Should you get bored, a nice word search may also pique your interest.

In all seriousness, the Powder Puff game is a tradition to be looked forward to. On top of allowing women the chance to engage in an otherwise predominantly male activity, it’s an excellent fundraising opportunity for FCA.


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