DONUT worry; SARA’s got you.

FernandaMorote, Staff Reporter

As the end of high school approaches, every student begins to think about his or her future, career, or life. All human beings have the same inherent desire to accomplish something of worth or to have a purpose. This need develops into a sort of existential crisis for high school students. Some think about becoming lawyers, doctors, or engineers, but others want to become entrepreneurs. These students anxiously seek to answer these three questions: Is it worth it? Is it for me? What do I need?

To ease the future business owners’ worries, Debbie Chung, owner of Sara Donuts on Medlock and State Bridge Road, responds with encouraging remarks. Chung attended two years of nursing school, and later she became an owner of the successful donut shop. “What I learned [in nursing school] was completely different from owning a business,” she says. Despite her lack of formal education, Sara Donuts has been successful and has had a steady flow of business. In fact, she only joined the business world because her husband was already owner of the donut shop.

“Being your own boss makes it worth owning a business,” Chung says. Her only struggle is waking up at 2 a.m. to make her hand-made donuts to sell each day. “There aren’t many people who want to wake up in the middle of the night to work,” she says with a laugh. Nevertheless, she is content with Sara Donuts and advises students to “pursue [their] passion[s].”

Additionally, Chung realistically recommends students to “study hard . . . to do something [they] like and [that] makes a lot of money” because of the world we currently live in.  So for those who are looking into entrepreneurship, Chung offers this advice: “work hard to achieve your career goals” and prepare yourself for the difficult road ahead.

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