Fair Game or Rigged System?

CaseySabath, Staff Reporter

For any student looking at an out-of-state college or university, finding scholarships is a necessity. I’ve become quite familiar with common market, and several scholarship websites. But why are the scholarship opportunities vanishing out of thin air? Such schools like Berry College, Georgia Tech, and numerous Ivy League schools devote too much of their scholarship funds to their athletic programs.. Most NCAA schools give their athletic programs only a limited amount of scholarship money. Due to the minimal amount of money given, coaches will dole out their scholarships and then move on to luring in more athletes with unjustified scholarships.

As someone constantly on the hunt for scholarships, this becomes troubling. Scholarships are consistently being taken and given to students undeserving of them. Georgia Tech is one of the many schools on the lookout for more athletes. One sophomore admitted entry into the prestigious school on full academic scholarship despite the student’s unimpressive 3.0 GPA and lack of rigor in her high school course load. Dozens of students take on 10 to 12 A.P classes and dual enrollment courses in hopes of earning academic scholarships and gaining admission into the school. Meanwhile an athlete with only one year of diving experience is given a full ride to the school in hopes of amping up their athletics department. Is this fair?

Schools with less than impressive athletic programs are becoming more lenient on requirements for their athletes. Ivy League schools are recruiting students with a less stellar academic background, all to assist their sports programs. Unfair advantages much like these happen on a daily basis and are constantly impacting the college playing field.

KatieHeissenbuttel, Sports Editor

For any student planning on attending college, making a decision on which school can be very tough. The majority of people pick the school that would be the cheapest and leave the student with minimal or no debt, while still being a good fit for the student. Students attending a college with the help of an athletic scholarship have earned it; they put in the work that is required to be good enough to play at the collegiate level.

Once an athletic or academic scholarship is received, there are academic requirements students must meet in order to retain it. Athletes receive money to go to a school to play a sport, and the student has to balance classes, practices and games all while staying mentally and physically healthy. Out of the 7.8 million high school athletes only 480,000 move on to play in the NCAA, and not all of those athletes are on scholarships. In the NCAA division I and division II, schools are given a limited amount of scholarship money that they can divide however they see fit. Not all college athletes receive the same amount of money, some earn a full ride and some only get a few thousand, that is for the coach to decide.

As for academic scholarships, they are given out to those who qualify either with their ACT or SAT scores, their GPA or with an essay. Athletes do not receive undeserving academic scholarships; all students who apply for a scholarship are considered and reviewed. Most schools don’t typically admit students who don’t meet their requirements just so they can play a sport because those students bring down the school’s averages. If you want something you have to go out and work for it. Scholarships aren’t going to be handed over on a silver platter.


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