The Clownpocalypse

CaseySabathStaff Reporter

The clown sighting of 2016 the strange reports that began in August and enthralled the south throughout the past three months have been growing past the spectacle it once was. What was once a viral spook among the masses now has escalated into a hunt for safety and answers as to why these clowns are appearing. College students are either too afraid to walk outside or are on the hunt for these clowns, while parents of children are holding their breath. So what is the relevance of clowns and why does someone with a rubber nose and floppy feet send chills down the backs of the south?

On August 1, 2016 the first report was made in Greenville County, S.C. A young boy claimed to hear “whispering” and “making strange noises” at around 8:30 p.m. From there reports began rolling in, and the police were not clowning around. Children and parents all throughout South Carolina were reporting very similar stories, but still no evidence. Claims that men in white face paint and blinking red noses were stalking nearby children. Not only that, children were being lured into the woods with money and candy. With no knowledge of a circus nearby and Halloween a month away the sightings have many curious and frightened.

Shortly after the sightings began in South Carolina the clowns were found roaming the campuses of many colleges. With at least twenty-eight states claiming to have seen these clowns they have officially become a viral phenomenon that must come to a halt. Along with the widespread clown epidemic, videos have surfaced. One of the first being from two girls located in Oglethorpe, Georgia. The snapchat video shows a clown in broad daylight chasing the girls, allegedly with a knife in hand. A local middle school around Oglethorpe was put on soft lockdown due to the sighting of the clown.

In Athens, GA an 11-year-old was arrested for bringing a knife to school for protection from the rampaging clowns. But are these bozos bogus? Many of the reports have been less than authentic and concerning to many who are keeping up with this circus act.  Two friends in Georgia, mid-twenties, called the police making false clown reports. The men who said they spotted a clown in a white van were some of the few arrested earlier on in the clown sightings. Since then many more have been arrested, including the supposed “ringleader”.

In Alabama, the police in Flomaton believe their arrest of Mikayla Smith has put a stop on the Clownpocalypse. Smith and her clown posse have been said to have swarmed from Pensacola, Florida and threatened a local school. She is currently being charged with a terrorist threat, which seems a little less than fitting for a clown. Even with the recent arrest of Mikayla Smith the clown reign of terror continues.

On October 2, a video on Facebook appeared; there has been much debate over the authenticity of it all.The video was filmed at around 7:30 a.m when two college students were on a morning run. The two spotted a clown on a bridge and walked towards it questioning the clown on its’ motives. The concerning part…the two were chased away, and the clown was gaining on them when the video cut. Other videos much like that have emerged, a local clown sighting was taped in Westburry a neighborhood in Georgia. The video shows a clown walking throughout the neighborhood staring into the houses.

The south is becoming a circus of its own with the clowns suddenly on the loose. And with Halloween around the corner this clown epidemic has become more than just a joke.

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