Walk the Plank

MatthewKee, Staff Reporter

On October 24, Alpharetta High School released a teaser of their rap video “Chatta-Who?”. On that same night, Day 9 Productions, formerly known as Studio Lux or Chattahoochee Film Club, began production of their rap video in response to Alpharetta. Recruiting producer Uche Orubele (10), Daniel Jeong (12) and Matthew Kee (12) set out on a nine-day production deadline, in hopes of releasing the video by November 3. Rappers Collin Cadet (12), Devon Wilson (12) and Jasir Muhammad (9) made their debut as they were able to write a rap in less than 48 hours. Filming began October 28 under the direction of Director Alexander Vo (12) and Production Assistant Amanjeet Walia (12). The video released on schedule and currently sits at 380 views within two hours of release.

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