It’s Vine-ally Over

MatthewKee, Staff Reporter

On the morning of October of 27th 2016, the creators of Vine announced the closing of the application for all devices. The end of an era had finally arrived. Since its inception in 2012 when Twitter bought the app from a small start-up company for $30 million, Vine dominated the app store charts for years, exploding from 77,000 unique visitors to 3.6 million visitors in a matter of the first few months. With such a large audience and community, how did such a popular app reach its demise so soon?

Just from pure statistics, Vine peaked in the year of 2014. Many brands were turning to the application to advertise their products utilizing famous Viners such as King Bach, Amanda Cerny and Logan Paul. In fact, Viners with large followings could earn upwards of $200,000 for a single six-second sponsored clip. Issues began to arise when other companies began to take note of Vine’s success and to attempt to innovate the application. Applications such as Snapchat and Instagram began to rise in popularity, with Instagram adding their story feature in 2016. Because of this, major brand companies began to shift towards the new apps, taking their money and famous viners with them too. By the end of 2015, the number of Vine users had dropped by over 50 percent. The company struggled desperately to keep up with the competition, even increasing the video length duration to 140 seconds in the summer of 2016, but to no avail. By 2016, it was apparent that the application was only losing money, which lead to the creators pulling the plug to save money.

Although the app is now discontinued, all previous vines have been archived in the desktop version, allowing the community to still view these loops for enjoyment. While Vine has reached its conclusion, its influence still shows in other popular applications. Its legacy will continue to live on as one of the most influential social media applications of all time.


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