Our President

MaddieYashinsky, Sports editor

As a Clinton supporter, the result of the recent presidential election has devastated me. I am no radical liberal, nor am I a radical feminist. To be quite honest, I know very little about the complexity of politics such as foreign relations, tax policies, and so forth. However, I would like to think of myself as a decent human being. There were two campaigns being witnessed the past few months; one thriving off of negativity and the other focused on the hope of our future. Unfortunately, in today’s world, people found it easier to be motivated by anger and hate, causing the downfall of a well-prepared and good intentioned candidate as well as her campaign. I know that this is my opinion, and that many others differ from this. No matter where you stand on this spectrum, there has undoubtedly been a split in the United States of America and it’s people. Despite my disappointment, despite the excitement of others for the rise of their new leader, the American people must come together in order to protect our future and promote our country’s success.

Since the announcement of Trump winning the presidential election, protests have broken out, hatred has been spread, and America has become a divided country. It will be this separation of the people that will destroy one of the world’s most powerful countries, rather than the man in charge. For the prosperity of our country the next four years, it is imperative that we the people either chose to support him or to do all we can to guide him. No amount of arguing, pleading, or begging will be able to change the outcome of the election. Believe me, if there were a way, I would try.

I understand the outrage faced by Clinton supporters after emotionally investing so much into her campaign, and that mourning is necessary in all grieving processes. However, we must remember what Clinton’s campaign stood for, which is unity and love. With this in mind, we can find a way to accept this result and begin to rebuild a nation that has been disrupted by the cynicism spread by Trump’s campaign. Unfortunately, his prevail means ours as well.

Some people are so repulsed by the kind of human being Trump is that they refuse to look past his discrepancies and consider his achievements in a leadership position. Trump has made some vital mistakes morally and have made some questionable decisions as far as his staff goes, and for this people have reasons to be scared. We must remember, though, that none of his policies have been enacted yet giving us no basis of evaluation as our president. Because of this, I believe people need to be enlightened on his visions for our country, which in many aspects, are similar to those of Clinton.

First, Trump’s tax plan includes reducing taxes for all, especially for working and middle-income Americans. He has promised that the rich will pay their fair share, but no one will pay so much that it destroys jobs or undermines our ability to compete. He also plans on reducing the cost of childcare. His overall plan for the economy as a whole involves an increase in growth by 1.5%, which would in turn create a total of 25 million jobs.

The purpose of this article is not to make excuses for Donald Trump. None of his visions for this country, however appealing they may sound, will change the fact that his character is not fit for a president. He has proven himself to be immature and crude, creating fear within the minds of millions of Americans, understandably so. However, the division of the American people is something that should be far more feared. Violence is not the answer, and protest will not provide closure. As members of this wonderful country, it is our duty to keep it that way. Although our new leadership is devastating to so many, the only way to persevere is as one unit, as one people. America is a country built on togetherness; it is impossible to live up to this concept if we are constantly pulling away.


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