The New Trend: Friendsgiving

CarolineTomczak, Seniors Editor

All fans of the TV show Friends remember the iconic Thanksgiving episodes, aka “Friendsgiving”. You know the one where Monica and Joey get their heads stuck inside turkeys, such a classic. The episodes revolve around the idea of friends being together rather than the traditional family on Thanksgiving. Friends in the ’90s , was one of the first of many shows that depicted Thanksgiving day celebrated in a non traditional way.

Nowadays, Friendsgiving is the new trend among many different millennial friend groups. Many friend groups get together not on actual Thanksgiving day, but during the week before. Friendsgiving mimics the typical Thanksgiving meal, with turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, corn and all of the other possible sides you can think of. If you scroll through a millennial’s Instagram feed you’ll find a dozen of posts regarding this new trend. On the general Snapchat story this past week, one of the featured stories showed friend groups around the country having dinner parties. Last year Olivia Erickson (JR) and her friend group had their own Friendsgiving, “The day after Thanksgiving we all gathered at my house and we had a second Thanksgiving sharing laughs and eating leftovers from the night before.”

Thanksgiving is a time to be with family and spend one day out of your hectic schedule every year to devote all of your attention to family. However, this year there is double the love by spending one day with your family and one day with your close friends. So rest up for a week full of two rounds of turkey!



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