Captured the Selfie— But Forgot about Yourself

By LavanyaChellam

Editorials Editor

Mass shootings take up the national news. Economic decisions take up newspapers. International occurrences take up TV news channels. But a greater danger and threat has dominated all of the above to be among the top ten concerns in the world: selfies.

Ridiculous. The first thing you will do now is validate my sanity, or squiggle your eyes to make sure you didn’t misread, or just two-hundred percent positively expect this article’s thesis to be a typo by the author. But unfortunately, it’s not, because last year  the CBC proved selfies to cause “more deaths than shark attacks.” And that’s a pretty powerful comparison.

Studies reveal that Selfies have remained one of the top five fascinations for kids as well as adults, who are often dared to take the most “absurd and dangerous” clicks. It’s a memory to be stored as a “daring and courageous feat,” according to many. But many government officials disagree as the injuries have rapidly escalated.

According to the US News, in 2014 a student died by falling off a cliff after inadvertently losing balance while posing for the selfie. Just a couple months back, another boy almost lost his arm after posing side-by side with a rattlesnake. And these were not exceptions. They were daily occurrences, often leading to bizarre situations just for a “photo snap.”

In fact, Mumbai was among several cities to ban selfies in several “risky-area” zones after nineteen deaths across a few months. In America,  New York was the first state to outlaw tiger selfies. The reason— well, tigers did pose nicely for the selfie— after they aimed for your flesh.

However, like always, government bans do not stop people from daring. Despite the efforts, the injuries only keep increasing due to carelessness, and the “stupidity of posing next to dangerous animals.” Furthermore, it wasn’t just humans getting hurt. Last year, a group of teens “literally dragged” a rare baby dolphin onto land just to take a group selfie with it. It didn’t just hurt humans, but endangered “the precious wildlife” as well.

Thus, seeing the magnitude of the dangers, many computer programmers have taken this “phenomena(as it is termed)” seriously and started designing a Selfie app that warns people of dangerous zones. The app provides statistical input of altitude and ranges for certain geographic sites, hoping to help teens decide against irrational Selfie spots. The goal is to safely allow Selfies without banning, and thus angering “Selfie-lovers.”

But that requires a solution from both teens and parents. It’s a dual partnership to make some sane decisions when out with friends and keeping things under control.  Because in the end, photos are to preserve memories— but carelessness may make them are last memories.


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