The News You Can’t Count On

Olivia Erickson, Staff Reporter

In the past few years, and most prominently during the recent Presidential Election this past fall, the news networks have shifted away from cold, hard facts and morphed into biased broadcasts filled to the brim with propaganda. It started subtle, beginning with the use of choice words or phrases that framed a certain politician or problem in a way that gently suggested they or it be viewed a certain way. However, news broadcasts soon became evidently opinionated; some channels would be blatantly against a candidate and report on events and topics that highlighted their deficiencies and fail to report on anything that placed a member of the opposite party in a pleasant light. Every reader and viewer, especially impressionable young audiences, should know if the source they’re getting their information from is trustworthy, and if notwhich in all probability, it’s notthen they should know what side the network is biased towards.

Fox News: The news subsidiary of 21st Century Fox tends to lean more to the right. Among the major broadcasting and news outlets, it is the only one of its kind to support more conservative views and Republican candidates.

CNN: The Cable News Network is one that has historically had a liberal slant. This news outlet has often directly rivaled its conservative counterpart, Fox News. Much of the information they report on favors Democratic figures and liberal ideals.

ABC: The American Broadcasting Company, which is owned by Disney, has usually been fairly neutral. They tend to acknowledge all sides to events in the media and evaluate political figures fairly.

CBS: The CBS Corporation’s commercial news network typically remains impartial in its relaying of information to its viewers. In most cases, you can watch CBS without the worry that you’re listening to biased news.

NBC: The National Broadcasting Company is another commercial network that is usually unbiased. When reporting on events and people, the reporters don’t express their opinions or thoughts on the matters.

MSNBC: MSNBC is a distinctly different news outlet because it does not hide the fact that it broadcasts opinions, it advertises it. It provides news coverage and political commentary on current events and even has a nightly opinionated broadcast that typically leans to the left.

AP: The Associated Press, in my opinion, is the most trustworthy source for young people and adults alike. It reports cold, hard facts without much bias or opinion included. When reading an article published by AP, there is no doubt that the events and quotes discussed are true.

NPR: The National Public Radio is a non-profit media organization that is not as opinionated as Fox or CNN, but not as neutral as NBC or AP. NPR will often address all sides to a story or event, but focus more heavily on facts that support left-leaning views.

AJC: The Atlanta Journal Constitution, the primary major newspaper in the Atlanta area, is a trustworthy source of information and current events. It is a neutral provider of facts on all topics from sports to politics.

The majority of things heard or read on major news outlets is reliable, but in an age where people’s opinions are as strong and distinctive as ever before, it is imperative for viewers and readers to know if they are receiving a slanted report on what is going on in the world around them


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