Hooch Baseball Coach Receives Yet Another Accolade

MatthewKohn, Staff Reporter

In January of 2017, Chattahoochee head baseball coach, Tim Lemons was inducted into the Georgia Dugout Club Hall of Fame for his exceptional coaching. Coach Lemons has been coaching at Chattahoochee since 1991, when the school first opened, and went on to win the state championship in 2005. Lemons not only coaches at Chattahoochee, but he also coaches a team in East Cobb. This accolade adds on the long list of Lemon’s accomplishments, and it is well-deserved.

Coach Lemons is the perfect example of a baseball coach and a mentor to young athletes. Having gone through what his players are going through right now, Lemons adds an irreplaceable quality that separates him from the rest. He went through high school as a great player, and went on to play for Auburn University, Lemons finally made it to the minor leagues of the MLB for a few years, and because of this he knows what it takes to get his players to the next level and to accel. Jeremy Vaccaro (SO), a Shortstop on the Chattahoochee baseball team explains that, “Coach Lemons has helped me develop my skills at a much higher pace than my past coaches.” This shows the impact that Coach Lemons has on young athletes and helping them achieve their max potential. Vaccaro also expressed his gratitude for Coach Lemons and reveals that he thinks Coach Lemons is deserving of the induction because he “has been committed to this school and the baseball program for over twenty-five years.”

The Georgia High School Dugout Club Hall of Fame is lucky to have Coach Lemons represent their program in such a prestigious way. He is an exceptional coach, teacher and mentor that is capable of helping high school student athletes. He is someone that deserves this award as much as anyone else in the state and is capable of furthering his legacy in the future. Chattahoochee High School is honored to be involved in helping Coach Lemons earn this spectacular award and recognition. Nobody deserves this award more than him..


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